OUTFIT / Comfort clothes

Top / H&M + diy
pants / Jeanasis Japan
shoes / Dr Marten's  

Me enjoying the vastness of our room before putting our queen-sized bed in it. I rarely wear shorts here . 1.) because of the nasty sandflies. I thought mosquitoes are the most annoying biting insect in this planet until I came across with sandflies. So they bite you and they leave nasty dark marks on the skin plus their bite leaves a burning itchy sensation. omg you can just please give me moquitoes anytime of the day but sandflies are Satan's insects. 2.) it's still winter here and any clothing that invites the crisp cold air is a no no. That's why my culottes are my best option. It's like a hanging movie that leaves you curious of the ending . They're pants but a halfway there kind of pants and I love the silhouette. I normally see old women in culottes here . OMG. I just love how old people dress. They really put a lot of thought and effort in what they are wearing. It's bloody genius. I am a huge fan of minimalism and all white and stuff like that but whenever I see them in their matching jewel tones ala Jil Sander 2009, it makes me happy for some reason. The way they create a theme for their outfit is just inspiring. Cue: Anna Piaggi + all the stylish nana. Yes we all have comfort clothes. Me being a clean-loving creature , an all gray monochromatic ensemble would do. But I still love colors on other people.