Rick Owens TURBODRK 70 : A Subscriber Sent These To Me!


 I am poetic so when i first unboxed the shoes , it was like the Converse was morphed into a stronger shoe. Like it was in steroids it is reminiscent to his current obsession with the bevels and geometric industrial design. It definitely  reminded me of his block like furnitures too. Because the toe is like a slab of cement installed in the chucks. Also, it was engineered aggressively like how a machine was assembled. 

i never own a Ramones but a lot of Youtubers and reviewers pointed out that the canvas is thicker and similar to the Ramones' canvas textile.

You can watch my review on my channel. 

Whether i like it or not, sneakers are an integral part of fashion. Many times, I have found myself in a sort of fashion distress whenever i wear leather boots or closed-in shoes because they hurt after a long day or let alone a few hours. Sneakers are 100% the best route if you wanted to put comfort in the equation however most of them are bleak and the sight of it makes me think of gym clothes and jogging. 

But this is where Rick Owens comes in the picture because yet again his collaboration with Converse allowed us to see a sneaker shoes injected with Avant Garde elements. Something that he has done in the past most especially in his long-standing collaboration with Adidas. 

Also call me biased but being a great fan of him, I am here to support his works. Also when I did a review few months ago of the Gethsemane menswear collection here on Youtube, I was excited for that because i know a lot will get the chance to experience Rick Owens.

When I was younger back in the days when Rick Owens is more of an exclusive designer, there aren't collabs like this! Say, if u want Rick Owens pieces then you have to save up

and if you're lucky you can get your hands on the Darkshadow or second-hand Rick pieces. 

Definitely, we are luckier these days. 

For people new to Rick Owens, the shoes may be too much, too aggressive or too clownish 

but for die hard Rick Owens or dark style fans,this sneaker style is not that weird. Agressive? yes! But in a brutalist way. In 2011 to 2012, there was a square toe trend but it didnt take off successfully. Remember Juun J., , Ribeyron  and Rad Hourani?

Fast forward now: square toes are everywhere. Even on delicate evening sandals! Yes! I am talking about you, Bottega. 

I think Rick Owens is a designer ahead of his time and oftentimes he rides the waves of trends. This collaboration hits different because according  to him if he sees a style that is ubiquitous, he is likely get tempted to manipulate it. True to form, this is the result of that manifesto.