A Look Into Rick Owens' Primitive Early Pieces feat. Turbo Wedge and Robot Jacket

Rick Owens Classic biker jacket
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Rick Owens Robot Jacket
circa 2009-2010
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DRKSHDW Robot Jacket by Rick Owens
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Rick Owens MegaTurbo Wedge boots
circa 2008 / STAG collection 

Rick Owens’ designs become more and more digital. Digital in a sense that there

 is a prominence of futurism in design and influx of modern materials used compared 7 years ago . 

Perhaps a move to penetrate a younger cohort. 

An Abundance of : Hardware finishing, metallic accents, jackets that resemble a robot’s appendage,

 thigh high boots which would have belonged to a Gundam prototype. 

Also , experimental Colors such as bubblegum pink,    eggplant, Carnelian

 are in the forefront.

That’s the beauty behind Rick Owens. It is a universe of interconected dimension. 

Unlike other designers, you tend to forget which season that shoes or accessories are from , etc.

 Each collection is distinct and special that it is so easy to identify and reference it. 

There are times that it would be hard to identify the history of a certain jacket only 

because there is a continuum in each story and collection.

Anyway, I am so happy to share with you guys some recent pick ups.

 They are all special because these pieces are very distinct to a specific era of Rick . 

An era of beastly elegance and primitive prowess. 

2008 and 2009 was the primetime of the original dark warriors and nomads 

that redefined modern day Avant Garde.

 I would say those early seasons (STAG AND CRUST) collectively 

ratified the unique Rick Owens signature style. 

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