Avant Garde Finds : Skirts and Pants ( Maison Margiela, Comme des Garçons, Barbara I Gongini, Gareth Pugh)

Avant Garde is defined as "ahead of the pack" in the context of the arts or
 any other field by its own definition. 
There are no defined rules or boundaries when it comes to being avant garde. 

There are many examples of practical clothing, including jeans and double-sided zippers, but avant-garde clothing is more creative and frequently aims to push the boundaries of what we understand garments to be. Avant-garde clothing is more inspired by sculpture than utilitarianism—a wearable piece of art that employs the human body as a vessel, but does not intend to draw attention to the body itself. To avoid this, viewers focus instead on her outfit. Aside from being "concealing the body," avant-garde clothing are sometimes referred to as "changing the human silhouette." 

Comme des Garçons' Spring/Summer 2012 womenswear collection—famously known as "Flat Collection—featured a variety of coats that defied what was deemed a "attractive" body shape.. However, avant-garde menswear incorporates sculptural art into its designs. You may find examples of this in the use of plastic toys by Comme des Garçons to embellish jackets and shoes.

Let's have a look at some of the most well-known and recognised avant garde designers' work. 
Since my odd shoes are usually the star of the show, I usually wear black slacks. 

But this time, I'm wearing items from Martin Margiela, Comme des Garcons, Gareth Pugh, and Barbara I Gongini's archives that are filled with intellectual and art-inspired flair.

Watch the rest of the video to see how each piece looks like. Hope you enjoy it!


Current Obsession: Rick Owens Peak Shoulders

rickowens womenswear

Dear Friends,
I had a dream and I was in this dystopian world full of robots and androids and I was wearing a super glamazon hyper futuristic outfit and it stayed on my mind. Come sale season, I was able to find a sale piece of this Rick Owens Bodysuit. Why not? So this whole week, I wore my fave power shoulder pieces to pick up my drab spirit and my so-called mundane life. I hope you enjoy the vlog.

From Vetements to Balenciaga, to Saint Laurent to Balenciaga, big shoulders have been all the rage for a few seasons now. In fact, designers have been drawing influence from the 1980s, which is why psychedelic designs and stirrup trousers have appeared on the catwalks. Rick Owens' Fall 2020 to 2021 show, on the other hand, pushed things to a whole new level, with shoulders that even the most devoted Owens fan would be a little surprised by. These coats and jackets were designed with "monstrous" shoulders and long, elongated arms as a result of this high dosage of "drama" in the collection. It's true that the collection included a few splashes of colour, but the majority of the pieces were anchored in a neutral palette of greys and cashmeres. The '70s were also referenced in this collection, with a sequence of knits with linear motifs evocative of Kansai Yamamoto's designs for David Bowie.

Rick Owens Leather bodysuit Tecuatl S/S 2020
Rick Owens Tecuatl Sartotial Wool Vest
Rick Owens Babel pants

please watch the vlog to see my peak shoulder pieces ...Enjoy!



Rick Owens TURBODRK 70 : A Subscriber Sent These To Me!


 I am poetic so when i first unboxed the shoes , it was like the Converse was morphed into a stronger shoe. Like it was in steroids it is reminiscent to his current obsession with the bevels and geometric industrial design. It definitely  reminded me of his block like furnitures too. Because the toe is like a slab of cement installed in the chucks. Also, it was engineered aggressively like how a machine was assembled. 

i never own a Ramones but a lot of Youtubers and reviewers pointed out that the canvas is thicker and similar to the Ramones' canvas textile.

You can watch my review on my channel. 

Whether i like it or not, sneakers are an integral part of fashion. Many times, I have found myself in a sort of fashion distress whenever i wear leather boots or closed-in shoes because they hurt after a long day or let alone a few hours. Sneakers are 100% the best route if you wanted to put comfort in the equation however most of them are bleak and the sight of it makes me think of gym clothes and jogging. 

But this is where Rick Owens comes in the picture because yet again his collaboration with Converse allowed us to see a sneaker shoes injected with Avant Garde elements. Something that he has done in the past most especially in his long-standing collaboration with Adidas. 

Also call me biased but being a great fan of him, I am here to support his works. Also when I did a review few months ago of the Gethsemane menswear collection here on Youtube, I was excited for that because i know a lot will get the chance to experience Rick Owens.

When I was younger back in the days when Rick Owens is more of an exclusive designer, there aren't collabs like this! Say, if u want Rick Owens pieces then you have to save up

and if you're lucky you can get your hands on the Darkshadow or second-hand Rick pieces. 

Definitely, we are luckier these days. 

For people new to Rick Owens, the shoes may be too much, too aggressive or too clownish 

but for die hard Rick Owens or dark style fans,this sneaker style is not that weird. Agressive? yes! But in a brutalist way. In 2011 to 2012, there was a square toe trend but it didnt take off successfully. Remember Juun J., , Ribeyron  and Rad Hourani?

Fast forward now: square toes are everywhere. Even on delicate evening sandals! Yes! I am talking about you, Bottega. 

I think Rick Owens is a designer ahead of his time and oftentimes he rides the waves of trends. This collaboration hits different because according  to him if he sees a style that is ubiquitous, he is likely get tempted to manipulate it. True to form, this is the result of that manifesto.


A Look Into Rick Owens' Primitive Early Pieces feat. Turbo Wedge and Robot Jacket

Rick Owens Classic biker jacket
shop similar here

Rick Owens Robot Jacket
circa 2009-2010
shop similar

DRKSHDW Robot Jacket by Rick Owens
similar jacket here

Rick Owens MegaTurbo Wedge boots
circa 2008 / STAG collection 

Rick Owens’ designs become more and more digital. Digital in a sense that there

 is a prominence of futurism in design and influx of modern materials used compared 7 years ago . 

Perhaps a move to penetrate a younger cohort. 

An Abundance of : Hardware finishing, metallic accents, jackets that resemble a robot’s appendage,

 thigh high boots which would have belonged to a Gundam prototype. 

Also , experimental Colors such as bubblegum pink,    eggplant, Carnelian

 are in the forefront.

That’s the beauty behind Rick Owens. It is a universe of interconected dimension. 

Unlike other designers, you tend to forget which season that shoes or accessories are from , etc.

 Each collection is distinct and special that it is so easy to identify and reference it. 

There are times that it would be hard to identify the history of a certain jacket only 

because there is a continuum in each story and collection.

Anyway, I am so happy to share with you guys some recent pick ups.

 They are all special because these pieces are very distinct to a specific era of Rick . 

An era of beastly elegance and primitive prowess. 

2008 and 2009 was the primetime of the original dark warriors and nomads 

that redefined modern day Avant Garde.

 I would say those early seasons (STAG AND CRUST) collectively 

ratified the unique Rick Owens signature style. 

watch the video here


6 Garments to Wear w/ Long Boots for Everyday, Lowkey Dressing (Avant Garde style )

 Just before winter ends in August, I wanted to create a video that will add value to your styling process for winter. No matter where you are who you are, this video intends to help people with a massive boot collection and also for you  to wear your long boots more for everyday this winter. 

This video aims to show that by styling effectively, your look can shift into a more accessible everyday narrative.

So exploring new foms of freedom from the ordinary and banal is fun and challenging but by wearing pieces that allow u to move and function while still possessing that nuanced sartorial expression, I can say that you have finally discovered the true essence of style.

Avant Garde outfits and pieces denotes a flexible-aesthetic which has the ability to create editorial looks and also on the one end the ability to offer a restrained laid back sophistication. I am always finding different ways to re-contextualize existing silhouettes.

images by Ninthsheep


I do love pants but there's something tough and edgy when boots are worn with skirts. The optimum way to feature the long boots is through wearing split skirts. Nothing is more empowering when you're wearing a split skirt while striding in the city .

What I love with split skirts is how they give a peek of my boots and at the same time they obscure it beautifully. Very mystifying and striking. Skirts can make you look more statuesque and fluid since there is a continuity in the flow of the garment. Yet it still boggles me how men still can't wear skirts in this era as dictated by the norms and society.Indeed, the skirt is a template that can beautifully morph the body, height, movement- everything! 


A tunic is a garment with a simplistic style that reaches the thighs or knees . I choose tunics to work well with long  boots because the length  covers the thighs and by doing that, it creates a seamless profile  of the legs and boots. If you want the whole aesthetic genderless and gender fluid, stick with boxy tunics with a plain motif


T-shirts are all rounder, transpersonal pieces that can take you very far in terms  of style variety. I find that big shirts escalates my proportions and silhouette while wearing thigh high boots. Remember Rihanna and how she amazingly styled her Vetements boots with a simple black XXL shirt dress? That is the look I am always emulating when I feel daunted to wear my offbeat, Avant Garde boots. Always bear in mind that at the overpowering qualities of  boots  will remain but with balance and styling, you can embody that nonchalant, effortless vibe. 


Basic pieces doesn't necessarily mean boring right? Yes I do love the simplicity of a t-shirt but if I wanted to emulate a strong shape and silhouette , then asymmetric pieces are another option! 
I do believe that Asymmetric pieces are silhouette breakers since they disrupt the normal field of view of the garments. Choose a mullet dress with a longer back and shorter front or a  longer side hem with a crop side. There's plenty in the market and if you wanted to support circular fashion , then Depop, theRealReal, Vestiaire Collective have great options for a fraction of a price.

Coats and blazers can change an outift to pure poetry. It can transform the basic of the basic and make any look have an architectural tone. Blazers and coats are equal parts practical and polished. With wearing boots , it paints a whole new vibe.

 Coats and blazers can be worn in the city on many different functions and sartorial needs 

 as it is the quintessential urban clothing that one can have.


Shorts  are just like skirts but I would say their safer from.. perverts! Kidding aside, I think they are great! Finding the right shorts is key depending on the look you're aiming for. 

For me, this drop crotch shorts suit my genderless style because it eradicates the gender markings of the pants. It erases the masculinity and femininity of the garment . Notice how drop crotch shorts are low enough to look like a skirt yet it doesn't have an opening  which reaffirms it as a form of pants.

Shorts definitely bestow that nonchalant streetstyle nuance.

I may be wearing muted colours here but the visual and expressive nuance that these dark colours bring together embodies the summary of everything that I love in Avant Garde fashion. I will never forget Rick Owens famous quote  :
"With layering, sometimes the more the better. When you layer a lot of black you’re like a walking Louise Nevelson sculpture, and that’s pretty attractive. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is also one of the most attractive things you can do."

Watch the full video now.