OUTFIT / Sanctuary + Silence

cardigan / Rick Owens
shoes / Ann Demeulemeester

Lately , I've been more attuned to things that are quiet in nature. I listen to instrumentals and classical music. My frequently played spotify playlist are by the Russian violinist Maxim Vengerov. If I'm feeling a bit high, I'd switch to Studio Ghibli's instrumental soundtrack. I don't know. It might be age or just because the environment is in too much noise already. Instead of watching youtube videos , I opt for a quiet reading session until I dose off. I already finished 3 novels by Haruki Murakami. Two of those are 1Q84 and his newest Killing Commendatore which are like extremely long novels but inspite of that I enjoyed the journey. I actually would prefer thick books from now on. It doesn't make sense buying a 300-page thin paperback for $20 that I can just finish in just 2 days. I was supposed to buy Sayaka Murata's best-seller Convenience Store Woman but luckily I saw it on our public library and after 2 days, I finished the book. Guess I have heaps of time in my hands. Saved me money because it was so damn short nevertheless it lived up to its hype.  

I love books to be honest. When me and Larrend went to Brisbane for 3 days. While he was doing conference , I was lost in my small world reading Tolstoy's Family Happiness while sitting in a cafe. It felt fun and lonely at the same time but I enjoyed my me-time. That was how I always imagined spending my precious time. 

No wonder my wardrobe consists of monochromes. I am still trying to build my wardrobe filled with Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, Helmut Lang and the likes but it would be a slow journey. I am not dreaming of having tons but a sufficient amount of classic and outrageous pieces that can be fused with ease. 

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