OUTFIT / Lost in Namdaemun


OUTFIT / Sanctuary + Silence

cardigan / Rick Owens
shoes / Ann Demeulemeester

Lately , I've been more attuned to things that are quiet in nature. I listen to instrumentals and classical music. My frequently played spotify playlist are by the Russian violinist Maxim Vengerov. If I'm feeling a bit high, I'd switch to Studio Ghibli's instrumental soundtrack. I don't know. It might be age or just because the environment is in too much noise already. Instead of watching youtube videos , I opt for a quiet reading session until I dose off. I already finished 3 novels by Haruki Murakami. Two of those are 1Q84 and his newest Killing Commendatore which are like extremely long novels but inspite of that I enjoyed the journey. I actually would prefer thick books from now on. It doesn't make sense buying a 300-page thin paperback for $20 that I can just finish in just 2 days. I was supposed to buy Sayaka Murata's best-seller Convenience Store Woman but luckily I saw it on our public library and after 2 days, I finished the book. Guess I have heaps of time in my hands. Saved me money because it was so damn short nevertheless it lived up to its hype.  

I love books to be honest. When me and Larrend went to Brisbane for 3 days. While he was doing conference , I was lost in my small world reading Tolstoy's Family Happiness while sitting in a cafe. It felt fun and lonely at the same time but I enjoyed my me-time. That was how I always imagined spending my precious time. 

No wonder my wardrobe consists of monochromes. I am still trying to build my wardrobe filled with Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, Helmut Lang and the likes but it would be a slow journey. I am not dreaming of having tons but a sufficient amount of classic and outrageous pieces that can be fused with ease. 


OUTFIT / Disheveled

oversized blazer / CELINE
patterned shirt / Korean boutique
bag / Ann Demeulemeester
pants / Balenciaga
shoes / GUCCI

Disheveled. It sounds nicer than it looks. It's always what I aim for whenever I feel like dressing up but not overly so. It's like putting on a red lipstick then dabbing it on tissue paper afterwards. Looking disheveled has its ups and downs. It can make you blend in the crowd easily plus the air of nonchalance is appealing sometimes. I threw on a vintage oversized Celine and styled my look ala Gucci's geek. The central core of the outfit is my Queercore boots which IMO is so hard to incorporate in my style. It has that old world Victorian extravagance which is a light years away from what I am. For this, I even bought some mesh socks because wearing it bare legged is just atrocious. Since the look is Alessandro Michel, I purchased some cheap oversized glasses from Stylenanda.