OUTFIT / 2019

drape cardigan / Rick Owens DRKSHDW
pants / from Seoul, Korea
western boots / ANN DEMEULEMEESTER
photo by Larrend 

It was New Year's day. 2019 (and still using this blog lol)! I won't complain how the year went by so quickly as if it decided to be in bullet train mode since everything's so quick these days. It is always nice to slow down on things you can control and that day was one of those. The neighbourhood was dead or should I say recuperating from the previous night's debauchery of wine and alcohol and noise. What better way to spend the extreme lull than be in nature ... with a camera. It was hot. January is supposed to be the hottest month here apparently but I though I'd dress up extra (extra naked?) I ditched my tank top and kept the dramatic cardigan from my latest purchase. A thin and undulating sheet of wool constructed to have the illusion of a wing. It's so thin that I've almost torn the fabric around the sleeves: The tale of the fat arms lol. I couldn't not wear it because it's got a life of its own and it gives me wings, not to fly but to slay lol

It was such a lovely day to be home but away from home. The quietness in this secluded greenery interrupted by the chirping birds and locusts. The sun was unforgiving but with the help of the faint breeze, it became bearable by a fraction nevertheless it's one of those days that you will forget but remember in sparse memories. 

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