OUTFIT / Poetry

cropped blazer / Ann Demeulemeester
leather tote bag / Ann Demeulemeester
platform wedge / Ann Demeulemeester
scarf / ASOS

This was taken when we went to visit Comme des Garcons in a district in Seoul. I remember it being awfully chilly that morning and the walking was excruciating as the store wasn't situated in a central area for shopping. I would say the area is fancier because the cafe shops aren't packed, there was a calm ( an expensive and posh kind) in the streets and the people. There was a COS store which if weren't for the price tags displayed the shelves would be mistaken as an artsy museum. Then after that was the Juun J. flagship which was housed in a shipping container. Inside was dark , almost akin to a posh club circa 2002. The collection was dictated by neons and oversized puffers. I am grateful to see it in person since I have always been a fan. 

This was one of my favourite outfits in our trip. In fact , a lot of "ajummas"' complimented my outfit when we were window shopping in clothing stalls in Dongdaemun.  They must have liked the layers and cartoonish pants. I was so comfortable with my style during the Seoul trip. Koreans , I find , generally appreciate style and individuality and since the city is crowded , you get to be invisible. There were times that I felt I stood out in the crowd only because my choices border on the weird and unusual. No matter what you do , people will stare and it's up to you whether you are happy and satisfied on how you express yourself. 

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