TRAVEL / Rick Owens , Seoul

AT last I have properly set foot into a Rick Owens store. I wasn't able to visit the LA store and the one in Tokyo due to our tight schedule and inability to navigate properly (GoogleMaps, I hate you sometimes). We went to the store in Paris but we only had a few minutes to spare and it was rushed but this one in Seoul proved to be the most pleasurable one. Even the sales associate was so welcoming and friendly ( I forgot her name!) The first thing we did was taking a photo with the Rock God himself (literally) and after like 54 shots of him on different angles (lol) , we went inside. Of course, we tried the newly released $1,000 worth of his perfume to set the mood. 

It was like going into Rick Owens mind. Being inside the store is like watching his show in Palais de Tokyo. I couldn't stopped gushing at the pieces. I didn't even dare to look at the prices because I know the value. I enjoyed picking up the Cantilever boots , the one with the curved heel. I am so loving the square toe silhouette of his womenswear boots. Being able to touch the fabrics of the pieces was a dream come true for someone who obsess about these pieces too badly. A black dress isn't just a piece of lifeless item for Rick. His coats and dresses have appendages, out-of-this-world  pattern and an interesting textile story. I'm no good with fabric naming but there was a tunic that has patches of lambskin leather on the bodice and something tulle and meshy on the sleeves. It was magnificent!

It would be nice to buy something at that time but buying in Australia is more reasonable plus my 23kg luggage is so lame! Anyway , this trip is one of our highlights in Seoul.

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