OUTFIT / Fluffy

DAME  boiled wool jumper / ACNE 
longline wool vest / ALAND
Shoes  / Gucci

STORY TIME / It was a good call when I didn't pack too much clothes for this trip. I think I only brought one heavy coat and the rest were like separates and light outerwears because we intended to shop around. It was a perfectly cold morning and I immediately wore my newly purchased ACNE Studios Dame jumper. from the previous day.  It was an old stock from a specialty luxe shop in Garosu-gil , Gangnam. I love most Acne Studios piece and although it was heavy, it was a perfect cosy warm jumper. Something I will regret buying when I land in Australia because "what is winter in December?"

I love the brownish beige color and the overly massive sleeves. It was a perfect match to my GUCCI Queercore boots (so hard to incorporate to my style though) which was so beautiful on the feet and eyes but mind you these were so painful. Sorry! It could be from our non-stop walking or the Dionysius belt clasp on the toes that may have strangled my swelling toes. It could also be the sizing. In the morning, I apply my numbing cream but it only works for the first 5 hours. After that, the magic wears off and I'm left with an almost injured gait. I didn't bring any walking shoes for this trip because.. fashion!


Don't pack too much clothes. Instead bring a lot of money lol. Chances are you will not avoid shopping because I honestly think that most Korean merchandise (bags, shoes, clothing) despite of their cheap price are truly of great quality. Perhaps the price point is cheaper because they tend to go quickly with trends and they just need to sell their stuff quick. I didn't go overboard because I would rather buy my favourite designer pieces plus the economy baggage only allowed us 23kg. Also, don't get too excited to shop at one store right away. Most merchandises can be seen in different stores at different prices (well, this is applicable if you've got plenty of time and energy to shop)

I promised myself that on my next trip I will really really bring at least one comfortable walking shoes. When feet start to ache , your focus inevitably will go to the feet and not on the experience. There were many times that I've sat down at a cafe shop to rest instead of checking out a place. I mean time is essential during short vacations like these and it would have been nicer to see more places instead of nursing a tired feet at some cafe. 

Learn Hangeul / Korean language. It would have been easier to connect with the locals had I polished those commonly useed korean phrases. I've noticed that Korean phrases/ words are a mouthful instead of Nihonggo. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every bit of my conversations with them. Smiling a lot helps and body language , too.

Their subway is one of the easiest ever. It's very easy to understand plus the touristy commercial areas like Myeongdong and , say,  Hongdae are so close. Not like in Tokyo or Paris where we experienced tons of transfers to different lines. 

Ask a Korean friend (if you have one) to at least tour you around. I think they are a great company and I often see them having fun with friends. From my point of view, they are sociable and given a lot of places to hangout in Seoul, they are always outside drinking or sharing a meal together. 

Instead of Google maps, use Kakao Maps. Not unless you enjoy getting lost. There was a point when we were like in this market area and we just decided  " Oh , yeah , let's just go without a plan and go with the flow and follow those youngsters because they might lead us to these hip places". I think it's okay at first but .. not really lol. Having a plan is still your best option because you don't wanna spend that one day accomplishing nothing. Watch tons of youtube vlogs. There are tons of helpful vloggers.

Again, thanks to Ana Gonzales, Edrick Bruel, Dana and our Korean friends (Seungmin Park and Jennifer Myeonghwa) who helped us whenever I DM-ed them 24/7 about anything from translating a washing machine with no English words to giving  us advises on the best jazz bar resto in town.

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