OUTFIT / First Day in #Seoul

photos by / Larrend

Wool Geometric coat - RAD HOURANI
tote bag - Ann Demeulemeester
light chiffon cardigan - RAD by Rad Hourani
grey tunic - RICK OWENS 
SS17 WALRUS boots

THOUGHTS / We weren't really planning to visit Seoul but during the past couple of months, me and my partner were in a fashion euphoria. We wanted to visit a country in Asia that reverberates #fashionism in a higher level. I suggested Japan (again) but he told me a new country would be more exciting. Hence, Seoul, Korea! Well, I've always admired them. I first encountered their strong sense of style from the K-pop scene back in 2011. Ever since, I tend to refer to them for style inspiration every once in a while.

On our first day in Seoul, we wanted to see for ourselves right away how retail and shopping looks like. We live in a small town in Queensland and variety is a thing that we TRULY yearn for. Boy, variety we have found! 

It was Autumn by the way. Our joy and excitement that time was perfected by the fiery mahogany leaves and the blue skies. There was stillness in the air but a magnificent color story everywhere contrasted it beautifully. Very picturesque indeed.

Koreans have a certain EuroOriental style that they might have perfected through time. Wool longline coats and the ubiquitous padded down jackets rule the streets. Sneakers and brogues were the go-to shoes of women. Bags vary from cute colorful handbags to nonchalant totes. I thought I'd be sick of seeing crossbody bags but I didn't see much actually. And, man , logos were everywhere. Vetements, Balenciaga , YSL, Givenchy , Y-3 were rampant. Shouting loud and proud. Whether it was an original or a counterfeit, we don't know . But honestly, there was a temperature of fashion (streetwear at least)in the streets. It was strongly felt.

OUTFIT / I tend to wear my most favourite outfit on the first day. To be completely honest, I never get the chance to wear my winter pieces back home because of the warm or should I say scorching weather. I think I'm a winter type of person and ironically I always end up living in the tropics. I was going for a streamlined outfit with a futuristic theme. I love to play with geometric shapes and i thought the robotic boots from Rick Owens went perfect with the clean minimalist oversized wool coat from Rad Hourani ( my fave fave designer of all time!) Months prior I thought of having a hypebae slash k-pop looks for this trip but I reckon not to look identical with the locals. Hashtag standing out!!! Plus , I am sort of going back to my avant garde inclinations which is very organic to my style.

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