Gucci Queercore

Finally my Gucci Queercore arrived! It is in a size 39 and I am normally a 40 but it is almost sold out  literally everywhere! The first thing I did when I opened the box was wearing on my oversized blazer and borrowing my partner's oversized specs and begged him to take a photo of me (of course!) I am loving what Alessandro is doing at Gucci right now. I may not emulate the looks in real life (yet!) Only because it would be so expensive to maintain such looks ( full-on jewelry there , scarves here, cute expensive handbags on top of that) I still love minimalism but owning the Gucci Queercore is a form of nod to Alessandro's art. Plus I love anything harness and  brogues and boots and buckles obviously... I am so bringing this to our Seoul trip on November!

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