TRAVEL / Parisian Sunrise

 This was taken on a Sunday morning , second day in Paris . We woke up around 5 am to prepare and cooked our breakfast in the apartment. Larrend was cooking his usual gluten-free meal and tuna while I daydream in the window getting ready (or should I say procrastinating) to shower . Morning showers are always the same. Torture. In the Philippines or in Australia, even in Tokyo- it's always the same cold , nerve wrenching experience. No matter what season it is!

I immediately made an instant coffee to cure the chills while I do my make up. 

There was an air of peace that morning. There were evidences of late night debauchery and drinking in the parks, subway and alleys. The city council truck was cleaning up the mess as a mom would in a children's playroom. Nevertheless, it was quiet and still. While walking towards the Eiffel Tower,  we saw a lot of fit running men and women. How brave are they to inhale the sharp cold morning air. Then I felt ashamed for feeling terrible in my morning shower. I wondered how it is to grow up or live in Paris while getting used with the presence of Eiffel Tower with one's everyday mundane life. Is having breakfast more enjoyable since there's the great tower in the background everytime?

The Eiffel Tower gates were still closed so we went to the empty park in front of it to take photos and videos. There wasn't much people so it was a good opportunity to feel the moment and space we were in. I wished I had a coffee mug in my hands that moment. I felt so giddy when I learned there was a coffee shop inside the tower. Funny I was already imagining how my coffee would taste with my fresh croissant and how I would surely ask for another cup. I lost count how many coffee I drank in Paris. I think I drank more coffee than water to be honest.  Good thing we started early because we had a  long list of places to visit and it wasn't raining or snowing. It was a great Sunday morning and the sound of distant church bells made it perfect all the more.

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