TRAVEL / Colours of Le Marais

I have noticed that before we travel, we mull over the idea of not shopping and that it is not a good idea. However, the spirit of holiday along with the people you see and shops you visit altogether propel you to do a little window shopping which turns into a grand shopping spree. Yet we did not do anything near grand, we still managed to visit Dior for some parfum et maquillage. Prior to that, I managed to squeeze into 2 Marionnaud stores and haplessly they were a big disappointment. The staff never smiled. They're just so unhelpful and unwelcoming. Very opposite to the Dior lady in Le BHV who were so accomodating , beautiful  and warm like she's a leading role in a french Woody Allen film. Surprisingly, DIOR is so much cheaper in Paris. Here in Australia, Dior is like buying a furniture / appliance set. lol

Well,  it was so busy in that area. Tourists, locals , non-locals alike flock the streets, coffee shops. For a moment I feared that there are terrorists around but I just shrugged off the thought. We did try heaps of Vintage stores and they all have amazing merchandises. The sales persons were all cool and nice and when they spoke with their English-French accent, I felt like I was talking to a model or something. Unfortunately , I just wasn't feeling the clothes. I thought they're too 90's , very Hedi Slimane YSL era unlike in Tokyo where I could buy 3 luggages of clothes because the fabric and design is just so me. Larrend shopped heaps but I was happy with my Dior make up. I love the energy in Le Marais. I saw a chic young lady in a black vinyl see through skirt with her soft chiffon top and another girl crossing the street wearing a very thin Matrix-ish specs with a cow print / cheetah print  coat and white boots. I remember smiling at her and so did she. The vibe is very Sunday chill with a New York-but-no-rude-people atmosphere lol. God I wish I've got like 8 eyes and a 360-rotating neck. Everything, every corner , every space (LITERALLY) is to die for! 

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