TRAVEL / Akropolis

Finally. I can say that I have seen Parthenon with my very eyes. No winds or rain showers can dampen our spirits that day. 


OUTFIT / Good vs Bad

shirt / Balenciaga
harness / handmade in Japan
boot harness / Wittner
Gipsy boots / Wittner
jeans / Cheap Monday

I just could not just settle for a white shirt and jeans. I'm at this point where I want to dress really polished and clean but I want to dirt-ify a look. I grabbed my good ol' fave harness and fixed up my predicament. I will have worn a Birkenstock or thongs but I snagged my pointy boots amidst the Queensland heat and wasn't satisfied so I rummaged by Pandora box of leather accessories and found my shoe harness. More is more but with a less is more kind of feel. When running out of ideas, accessories are still your best bet!


TRAVEL / On Top of Athens

When I peeked out of our hotel window and saw people in their raincoats and umbrellas, I was like "Uh , Oh!!!" It felt like the time when we were in Tokyo and it was raining incessantly. It did too in Athens. Maybe the gods weren't on our side that day or it could be an actual blessing from Zeus or whatnot. My Vetements raincoat protected me well but unfortunately it wasn't warm enough. We went to Lycabettus to see the whole of Athens. It was magical. The cafe would've been an amazing breakfast spot but the terrifying winds and rain just made it look like were in a messy pool party lol. It was still amazing considering that we were in the top of Athens . The whole city was awashed with whiteness and fog.. From afar, we saw the Parthenon sitting majestically on top of the hill. We only had one day to explore the beautiful city, so rain or shine, we went on.