TRAVEL / Roman Holiday

Since there's not much to see in Milan (other than the Corso Como, Navigli and the Rick Owens Exhibition) , we have decided to visit Rome for the day and it was the best short visit ever. We rode the train at 7 am and while we were watching the snowy alps and peaceful countryside, I was nibbling some biscuits and black coffee ( which btw is so tiny it only grazed my teeth)  I slept listening to Moses Sumney's Aromanticism album for that 3 hour ride. It was such a nice experience to be able to sit in the train doing nothing and anticipating what would happen ahead. 

Rome is so different. It is a bit warmer than Milan. More sunny. More tourists definitely. The vibe is more relaxed and people get to walk more slowly. Suddenly it reminded me of Audrey Hepburn's film, Sienna Miller's September Vogue photoshoot with Testino and the Romans who walked the same streets thousands of years ago. I truly appreciate it better now than I did in highschool reading the thick Bible of a book. I have always loved history and I somehow wished that I was with my dad too because he is such a massive fan of the Roman Civilization. and Ancient history. It was a challenge to see all the monuments and iconic spots within the day but we managed to. I was also able to have my first legit Italian meal . A pasta and a cappuccino after the long day. More photos to follow!

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