TRAVEL / Milan Mornings

Starting the year with our Europe travel! Our first stop is Milan and it's a poignant city with dark gray cast and lots of people in black wool coats. The train may not be the easiest but it was fun climbing the steps and following the maze-ness of it all. We were supposed to look around and see Navigli and the Rick Owens exhibition but our flight was delayed and we have arrived around 5pm. The cold cuts deep, the air is dry but yet the beauty is so outstanding that you somehow forget the discomfort. I didn't get to bring a Parka or a down jacket ala Moncler but layers and layers of fabric helped but not quite. Being in the tropics since the beginning , it's always a massive challenge to brave any drop in climate but that's what traveling is all about. It's about an escape, new things and breaking the habits. 

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