TRAVEL / Iconique

denim coat / ASOS
grey blazer /  Celine  Hommes
boots / Yohji Yamamoto
belt / OFF WHITE
leather harness / ZANA BAYNE

No words for this post. There. I was here. I have seen it! As touristy as it can get, seeing the Eiffel Tower is still one of the best experience ever. I love industrial elements and Eiffel is definitely one for the books! The view at the Trocadero will give that feeling of nearness to the tower. Along the way, I got too excited seeing the Palais de Tokyo because this is Rick Owens' favorite place to show his collections! I am so happy it's like I stepped into a memorable landmark! We didn't get to be inside which is a shame because we needed to go to places as much as we can. 

Speaking of Rick Owens, we went to his store in Palais de Royal. It was my first time to visit a store because in Tokyo I wasn't able to anyway I truly enjoyed the short experience. I saw the Glitter collection. The highlight of the visit was seeing Edith Blayney in the flesh. She greeted me with her warmest "Bonjour" and smiled and I nearly died. She's so chic and she was wearing this shiny patent square dress and the classic creeper boots. I was stunned and I just felt OMG I need to leave because I don't have budget for any Rick Owens for this trip. But they're all nice and sweet and very welcoming! Ohh well...I shall be back!

We had our afternoon coffee at Cafe Kleber after the exhausting Trocadero walk  and decided to go to  Notre Dame Cathedral. On our way down to the subway near Kleber, I missed a step and fell down with my hands flat . Let me tell you that it was a painful 8-10 steps downwards! I would never have survived had my neck or head landed first. The lovely Parisian lady approached me immediately and never left my side. Larrend was terrified and I was shaking and there was ringing in my ears. I had to sit down on the ground because my knees were badly beaten. The things is I wasn't wearing my wedges, I was wearing my Yohji Yamamoto flat boots when it happened. I was just distracted maybe. The lady offered help and I just told her gratefully that I'll be fine knowing that I was holding her up. AWWW to be honest Parisians are not too bad! They're warm and nice. I expected worst from the waiters as well yet theyre very polite actually. Well so that's my story of triumph and tragedy in one day! I felt like sleeping but I think it would just spoil the short time that we've got so I carried on and decided to go to Notre Dame.. to pray maybe and thank God personally.

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