OUTFIT / Bonjour!

Asymmetrical coat / LIMI FEU
apron / from Asakusa
Thigh high boots / CRUST collection RICK Owens
satin scarf / ASOS

Posh lady wearing RICK OWENS!!! 

Picturesque Paris. One thing I could say is that Paris is very distinct in a way that Tokyo is. I cannot explain it but Paris is Paris.  The streets were lined with romantic lamps as we went on to see the Eiffel Tower. The smell of croissants and crepes and all pleasant wafting from the patisserie shops straight to my nose. I was pretty sure I salivated. Yes , the traffic was busy but it's not terrible. You wouldn't really care because the soft hued apartments and houses welcome you in every avenue. Dark winter trees frame the streets. How we wished everything is in spring mode. There is a sense of pleasure and pleasantry hanging in the air. It's like Paris is telling us that the city is meant to be enjoyed for. It was a shame we only had 4 days to be with her. So I ordered the sweetest coffee, the tastiest crepe I could get my hands into.

The coldness stabbed us skin deep. It didn't matter if I wore this thick of a coat or scarf or a thermal underneath since it will always prevail. Good thing my mane is long and thick and it surprisingly kept my nape warmer.

A lovely afternoon to walk around Place de Italie towards the Eiffel Tower. Stores were becoming busier, restaurants louder and thicker. The sky was beginning to dim. A mix of pink and purple painted the sky and it was a signal for the street lamps to glow. 
Then the Eiffel Tower glowed beautifully as well. It wasn't so hard finding her for she's seen everywhere.

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