PHOTODIARY / Van Gogh Evening

If ever there was a moment that I wanted to freeze during our time in Paris , that would definitely be our first evening stroll around Paris. It was my first time to see and walk along the fancy arrondisments. I promised myself not to give in to carbs and sweet breads but upon seeing the crepe stand in Rue Saint Charles , I immediately grabbed my coin purse and ordered a strawberry marmalade crepe without thinking twice. Then we stopped by a small thrift / vintage shop and the funny salesman got me into buying a vintage Celine blazer coat with shoulder pads ala Gvasalia's  Balenciaga for 40 Euros! LOL . But of course, our main goal was to stand in front of the Eiffel Tower and it's so hard because there were tons of beautiful distraction on the way. Unbelievable how people here go on living their lives with so much beauty around it. 

 We were starting to feel tired when we saw from the distance how it shimmied and sparkled as if 5 billion fireflies swarmed the whole tower. It was pure magic!

It was a fantastic discovery of streets, subways and those iconic pictureque apartments that I only get to see in books and Disney films. Observing the people in their heart-stopping rad outerwears and coats and shoes was a treat as well. I never wanted the day and night to end. From that moment , I realized how I kinda don't want to go back to Australia yet ( anymore?) If only travel money wouldn't cease to perish , holidays would be more enjoyable I am sure of it!


TRAVEL / Saturday at the Seine

What a lovely Saturday it was in Paris. True enough, the city is enveloped with a tender chill in the air creating a very Christmas-y festive vibe. Afterall, Christmas should be and is everyday. Our highlight was the Point Alexander where the gold ornate statues and sculptures raised the bar of what truly Paris is. Paris is , indeed, a world because there's nothing like it. There are countries yet to be discovered but I can say that the character , culture and the branding itself is very distinct.  We saw families and throngs of happy tourists enjoying the sunny day. A far cry of what we were feeling that time because we were happy but at the same time me and Larrend felt like we were alone. How nice it would be as well to have a big family in the holiday but for now it's just us which I don't really mind but during travels , you're not always going to be happy and excited.

There are down times too and that morning was it.  The Seine river was lovely and yet it reminded me of inner sadness.   Still,  I can say that this riptide of emotions are brought upon by being in the beauty of all of this. 


TRAVEL / Palais de Tokyo

On our way to Palais de Tokyo. The place was filled with young kids skateboarding and it was hugely different from what I expected it to be. I was expecting an empty space akin to Rick Owens' stage during his shows but it felt like a hangout place. I reckon the inside would be magical. It would be filled with thought provoking artworks by contemporary artists. We didn't get to see what's inside but it was such a treat to step on that remarkable place nevertheless.