OUTFIT / Rain proof

boots / Rick Owens

For many, rain is a hindrance. A halt to the continuity and normalcy of one's day. Rain is an excuse to not look forward to the day. For me it's where fun transpires. Though it is clear that I don't drive, I still get a bit excited at the thought of grayness in the atmosphere. Whenever it rains, everything appears shadowy and obscured. The kind of beauty that has an unfathomable character. There is filter in everything you see whereas the sun exposes everything like a paparazzi shot on a scandalous day. Rainy days are kinder. it's mellow and it makes you go soft and somber and romantic. I love the rain that it reminds me of Japan and how I loved every second of it. Yes we did get wet but is there a better place in the world to get soaked than in Tokyo? 

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