TRAVEL / Fear of Heights

Still couldn't believe that I was able to cross one of the highest suspension bridge in the world. Fear comprises 80% of my body. There'll always be a new fear that I will discover from new experiences and it adds up to the totem of fears I have.  Like for this experience, I realize that I have fear of movements mixed with heights. It was terrible most especially in the middle part of the bridge that I felt stunned and imprisoned. To be honest, I didn't get to see the view (and I don't care!) because I was just seriously looking at the end of the bridge while humming Moon River repeatedly. I was in my happy place inspite the fact that I am 50 meters above ground. Brooklyn Bridge was fine, so I guess height isn't much of an issue. The movement was the culprit and a culprit indeed! Every step I made created a wave of motion on the seemingly thin and wobbly bridge made of wood planks, rope, cables and whatnot. Plus the fact that you have to cross the same bridge again to go to the exit. I love you, Capilano for all its worth but never again haha.

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