TRAVEL / Vancouver After Dark

It was a lovely afternoon. After we went to Wreck beach for a nudie seaside attraction, we have decided to wander around the city. We went to Granville Island in the evening and to our surprise a fireworks display will commence that evening. It was so so so perfect.  I thought traveling was so overrated and cliche but it is undeniably a vital part of one's need. It appears to be a luxury but it doesn't mean to be overseas or tremendously expensive. It is also our joy to walk around the city and admire the different sights, the people, the variety of food. The joy of not thinking about work for the time being while enjoying life as normal humans who spend and savour time in all its glory.


OUTFIT / the Yohji look

boots / Yohji Yamamoto over the knee boots
Long vest /  COS
long faux leather jacket /    Alexander Wang


SCENT / Comme des Garcons

The PLAY perfume was my everyday perfume when we went to Japan. I purchased it in Dover Street Market. It was a hard decision to pick one but I am so happy I choose the green PLAY. It was an orgasmic scent of citrus and freshness. I love squeaky clean scents that defy anything that is rotten or grotty. I really planned on purchasing a perfume during travel as it helps with encapsulating the memories in that scent. It's like capturing the moment but only through the smell. And boy it works! Odor plays a big part in reminiscing a special memory.

 The STANDARD perfume was Larrend's birthday gift on my 30th. He knows I'd die for anything industrial/ minimal / concrete in design plus the smell is heaven. It's not your typical musky  masculine scent but Comme des Garcons has a way of constructing a scent that is not commonly found. When you see Comme des Garcons' collection, you will definitely feel the sense of oddness and uniqueness. Similarly, the scent is the same. It's smells like a man but a different one. It reminds me of a Diptyque perfume which whispers "Parisian boy". The scent comes and goes too. I was deceived many times that the smell went away after a couple of minutes, but after an hour , I could smell it when I move my arms or neck. It's crazy like Rei Kawakubo kind of crazy lol.  I do love it so much! I used a lot of it ( hence the scratches) on our trip to Vancouver and LA and never was a time that I've gotten sick of it. 


RUNWAY / Y Project SS18

Lovin the theatricals down under ! I just love shoes that are too out there, too extra, too much. Most especially if it embodies an unthinkable profile like the last photo. The convoluted pattern which is almost akin to a brain or intestine creates a movement and shape that is truly remarkable.Actually , this somehow reminded me to watch a video of the runway now so I could see how it moves. I was also reminded of Rick Owens 2009-ish collection wherein a more audacious shoe designs were presented. I miss the Avant Garde days. 


SHOES / Building block

Maison Boots / Wittner

Because basic and simple can be nice sometimes.


TRAVEL / Summer in Whistler

How wonderful life is when you're in the world