TRAVEL / Vancouver City

oversized poplin shirt  / culottes - MONKI / belt - OFF-WHITE
shoes - Jacquemus 

I really cannot believe that I was actually in Canada. A couple of months prior , I was worried, hopeless that my Visa will not be granted. However , 2 weeks prior to our planned date, I got it! I was so happy because 1.) We will see Lady GAGA's Joanne concert and 2.) I will visit another beautiful country once more!  We couldn't be happier picking Vancouver over the other states too because it was a humble city with tons of exciting attractions, shops! Since this is my fashion diary or whatever, I won't focus much on what ice cream shops or Japanese dining we have been to but more on fashionnn! I must say that shopping for labels here is just so good. There are plenty of choices if you want to buy full priced ones like Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom which have selections like interesting labels like Loewe ( pronounced as LU-WEE-VEY fyi) , JW Anderson , Jacquemus. It would've been perfect have I seen DEL POZO pieces in person. Then there were luxury specialty curated shops like Feuille Luxury across Sephora where I tried on a nice bird embroidered Dries Van Noten Jacket and OFF-WHITE coats. The Rick Owens shoes were on sale too like seriously!!!? I mean when we went to Tokyo I never saw a shop that have a discounted Rick Owens.  Plus, the customer service was ahh-mazing! I mean people in Canada really lived up to the expectation that they are so nice. Like Japanese-nice. The staff are really professional and nice. You wouldn't see a waitress rolling her eyes on you or whatever. Well, these photos was our first day to really move around the city. I think my fitbit said that we walked 30,000 that day.

I have never seen so many PRIDE flags in my life too. We were so fascinated at how welcoming and proud they are for the LGBT / Equality movement. Even those scary corporate buildings and banks have a colorful pride flag dancing on the top of their buildings. You wouldn't get lost here too I, think, since the places are not too sparse from each other.

By 5pm, I was dying to go home. But see, the day doesn't begin too get dark until 10 pm so it is still so bright around 9pm that you feel like still exploring the city. Literally, the day here is so long and we love it.

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