TRAVEL / Mount Cook

Would you believe that I was able to ride this small plane for 10 minutes? I wouldn't have gone near a  4D ride in Disneyland let alone an actual airplane but the nice Japanese lady tour guide encouraged me or should I say cajoled me relentlessly which have left me in so much pressure. It wasn't cheap too , you see but the view was worth it. I wasn't a fan of views and landscapes but seeing the pure virgin white snow of a mountain melting off with our own eyes or so it seemed.  It was magical. The plane ride wasn't too bad. It was serene and safe. Way way safer than our plane ride to LAX where we encountered a series of bumps for 5 minutes and that , for me, was doom. I had to constantly reject the idea that my idol ,Grace Coddington , had once been in an accident on the same sort of plane. Mount Cook was lovely . To my surprise , I was asking for more to the pilot.

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