TRAVEL / Gastown

Taking photos and traveling can be quite a handful most especially if you're walking around , a cup of coffee on your left hand or should I say an injured finger, an SLR slinging on your shoulder and 2 eyes wandering every millisecond. It's fun nonetheless although 98% of the time I get overwhelmed. What photos should I take? Where should I have my photos taken? Why are there many tourists? Iphone or SLR? Yet I still do opt for SLRs because the photos have more texture and meaning. There are many times that I almost give up but it's always wise to keep one. I wish they invent something lighter as a compact powder in the future. I was so excited to visit Gastown. I am such a sucker for old cinematic quaint villages or town. We would've loved to hang around more in the al fresco cafes but it seemed everything's full. Well walking around was a treat! We went to John Fluevog and admired the quirky and cleverly designed boots and then Larrend saw COS. I lost it when I saw the cute boxy store. It was amazing. Inside were racks of clothes color coded from emerald green to cobalt blue. The same way I would've arranged my clothes at home except I only have a closet a size of a matchbox. I bought one shirt because I don't want to go short with money except we go hungry. See , that's the thing too with traveling on a budget. As much as you want to spend money on sparkly things, you've got to think of food first. Unfair. Anyway, I love gastown! Probably one of the most interesting place in Vancouver definitely!

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