TRAVEL / Before Midnight

photos / Larrend

sweater/ bought in Laforet Tokyo
pants / Zara
Boots / Balenciaga Ceinture

After we checked in at the hotel , we slept for 3 hours. We woke up 2 hours before midnight. Restaurants were closed, sushi place shut. Don't even think we didn't try Starbucks because  we did! It was so quiet since we stayed in a really quiet mini-town and hankfully, there was one 24-hour grocery. We stock up on water, microwavable rice meals and fruits. We appreciated how quiet and safe the night was so we took photos. I haven't done this for a long time. Back in my early days of blogging, I used to enjoy night photos like this because it's so dramatic and editorial like a Wong Kar Wai film in the early 2000's. I remember being risky taking photos like this back in Manila like you can be mugged anytime. I do wish that all countries would be as safe as Canada. It would be so awesome to be worry-free any time of the day.

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