TRAVEL / 30,000 steps

When we travelled to Tokyo , I appreciated the importance of a comfortable walking shoes. For me , comfy shoes have always been the opposite of greatness. I mean for me shoes should be more is more. I may dress simply but the shoes shall do the talking. Most especially when I travel, I see to it that I bring my favourites. My ACNE spin wedges may be one of them but now I realize some shoes may not supposed to be for walking . Because when we do walking , we mean 20,000 steps and more. We love walking when we travel too so imagine my disappointment when I started going numb and hurt from my wedges while in Shibuya. Plus the fact that I was terribly worried that the leather sole will be trashed too.  Not wanting to commit the same mistake, I brought my comfy brogues from Jacquemus. They still look 'different' yet they can be a companion for a full day walkathon. Although I did brought a Rick Owens wedge boots for Lady Gaga's concert. Someday they'll be able to make a high heel to flat transformer shoes. It's not rocket science but I wish designers will make it right and ASAP.

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