OUTFIT / Winter Warmth

top / Rick Owens  
pants / ASOS
coat / from Japan
shoes / Spin Wedge ACNE Studios

This coat may be the most expensive purchase we did when we went to Shibuya 101 mall but now I realize its value and commodity. Whenever we go for dinner or go out for brunch, I would usually grab for this coat. It instantly upgrades my look inspite the fact that beneath the coat are my dingy tank top and boxers. I'm so happy Larrend picked this up. The salesman was like saying how it was double sided, high grade fabric and it is true. When we looked at the price tag it was 20,000 yen. I guess we were just exhausted that day and was just in the " gimme that I'll just buy it " mood. I know we could've bought a deisgner (heck I even forgot the brand) coat but I think it's terribly impossible to snag a brand new piece this perfect in this price. Japan is a good shopping ground but I wouldn't be reckless since we are on a #travel cause. I would love to do a once in a year shopping slash travel in Hongkong though but we will see. I always pray that whenever I wear this coat , no stain accident happens like a friend's lipstick or a pen marker incident. It would tear my heart since I don't do well in the laundry.

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