OUTFIT / Anti Symmetry

 Asymmetrical viscose coat /  bought in Harajuku
knit skirt / Helmut Lang
tall ankle boots / Rick Owens

I've noticed that there are a huge trend ( well since late 2104)  reently that explores more on the toying rather than tailoring. The possibilites are endless. The already unusual cuts like the cold shoulder , mullet, off shoulders have been ultra-altered with knots, strings. Things that can be seen in the back of a shirt are now positioned in the shoulders or on the chest. The inner child is unleashed in each designers. A concept not so new to Rei Kawakubo or Margiela. I kinda like the idea of playtime meets styling. I do this a lot on my boring button down shirts. Like how this coat has a funny pattern sawying sideways. The buttons and slots are mismatched creating a gathered - askew look. I love it when clothes imbibe a sense of wrongness to it. It is my way of making clothes alive , an extension if me.

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