OUTFIT / Mammoth


TRAVEL / Canadian Woods

top and habotai pants / UNIQLO
boots / Balenciaga

/ Grouse Mountain July 2017/

It was my first time seeing a grizzly bear in person. It's also my first ever injury while on a holiday. See, that's why I could never do hiking because I have poor sensory abilities when it comes to my feet. I always trip on chairs, or floor tiles (ouch) hence my need to always wear closed-in shoes. However, shoes can also be my downfall especially when I am in a terrain like this. I was climbing happily when my foot got caught by a treacherous rock on the hill. The result: A sprained thumb and an atrocious pain that would never seem to end. I was taken to the first aid camp and offered an ice pack. Then we were taking photos on a cliff when we were chased by bees or wasps. It was fun though because it felt like there was more 'meaning' behind all this mountain adventure lol. Anyhow, the greenery and mountains and landscapes and atmosphere in Grouse are undeniably a patch of heaven. 


TRAVEL / Quaint Asakusa

This is where we bought our souvenirs because Asakusa , for us, has the most historical character. I mean here we saw Geishas (legit and "costumed" ones), those cute canvas tabi boots and socks, Kimono shops for young and old. This was the place where I found the store that sells boxy aprons made in authentic Japanese fabric. The buildings and stores and restaurant all have the old-world 1950's feel to it and I was happy that this was our last stop for the trip.