OUTFIT / Biker ?

cropped bomber jacket / Shibuya
poplin top / Lemaire x Uniqlo
leather trousers / Loewe
boots / Yohji Yamamoto
leather choker / Shibuya

I do not know why I am so enthralled with anything "biker" : ; leather jackets, riding boots , the proverbial James Dean look , long hair, leather chokers . When in truth, I abhor riding the motorbike. I remember riding with my dad in his big Harley Davidson and we almost swerved because I had panic attack and went frantic. I never rode any since then. But I do like the Biker look. It's a great aesthetic especially if you want to look like a tiger in this world but deep inside you have a heart of a puppy. When we went to Japan, I was blown away.  The Japs know how to re-create the biker look into a higher level.  I saw a guy in full biker mode wearing a black Loewe handbag. It's so chic and revolutionary I almost died! The biker look is everywhere on all ages and it's done with great taste and full throttle chic-ness! During winter, I tend to feel the Biker look more because it's where layering is fun. I do enjoy wearing these Yohji Yamamoto knee high boots because they're so soft and lightweight. 

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