TRAVEL / Bonjour, Vancouver !

Denim boxy top / C O S 
Biker Jacket / Undercover 
Boots / Balenciaga Ceinture  

I thought Canada would be very very similar to America considering the geographical proximity but it was a very different almost surreal feeling when we stepped out of the airport. The breeze was fresher and cooler . The crowd is more tamed and I just felt this inner peace. After dropping our bags in the hotel we went to have a quick look at the nearby stores and restaurants. We went to the neighbourhood and adjacent parks and we even went to a thrift store to kill time. The trees and flowers are so full of life. It was full on aesthetic perfection. More photos to come!


OUTFIT / Vetements v.s. Nature

Raincoat / Vetements
leather boots / Peachoo + Krejberg Paris

///New Zealand May 2017

This was the time when I thought a raincoat could keep me from the violent snow shower. I only lasted for 3 minutes and I went back to the vehicle like a wounded soldier. Afterall , I was only protected by a raincoat and not a full on snowgear. But I felt invincible that day: The sharp snowflakes savagely attacking my cheeks and hair, the incessant wafting of my clothes against the vicious winds, and knowing that it was still fun. 


TRAVEL / 5 minute Malibu

We were on our way to Downtown LA. We were in this never ending free way and we just had to stop and breathe and appreciate the moment. Plus, we had to see Malibu just for a quick break. Would it be nice to like stay here for a couple of days or even reside here for real? Some people are just lucky and some are just lucky (with a big house on a hill in Malibu) **SIGH**


OUTFIT / 90's uniform

Boxy bag / Jean Paul Gaultier
shoes / Yang Li

No this isn't a dress and I'm wearing a cute shorts underneath. Plus, the Yang Li derbies are so perfect for my semi bipolar outfit choices.


Pronounce SS18 / Monoforms

photos / Business of Fashion

There is something fluid yet weighty in the looks. The sense of power not only sprouted from the shcoking mono colors but the way tailoring was executed in a modern language. The deconstruction was supplemented with construction at the same time as if to convey a process of building of clothes. There were buckles, belt cinching , frays that I truly adore at the moment. Yushan Li and Jun Zhou, you guys are amazing!!