TRAVEL / Tokyo Mornings

 This was taken a day before we fly back to Australia. i would say this is one of the most remarkable moments in our Tokyo holiday. Heck , this town was more enjoyable than the time we went to Disney Sea. I don't know. I guess I really don't enjoy  theme parks that much. I would rather immerse my time to the real beauty of a, say, a small town or neighborhood like this one. Koenji is one of my favorites! The shopping experience was totally different from a regular depato (dept store) and there's more thrill in discovering pieces like a Dirk Bikkembergs combat boots or a Guidi leather shoes in a humble incognito shop. The food was nice too. We went food hopping. We ate sushi and afterwards we discovered this super packed food place in a corner of a street and a park. We ate some vegan skewers in a dingy restaurant along with beer-drinking salary men. It was 7pm and the night was so beautiful. It was cold but I felt the warmth of the neighborhood. 

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