TRAVEL / Shibuya Runway

 If I could I would stay in Shibuya and just watch + listen everything. The red lights turning green, the psychedelic colors of bags and jackets , those huge Japanese characters on the billboards , the click clack of heeled boots, the click click of the tourist's big camera , the swaying of the plastic covered shopping bags, the scarves wafting in mid air , the shoulder to shoulder friction, the fashion runway that is 24/7 and the smell of the chaos. I was there. It's so nice to say that I was once part of it. When I saw MARIAH in her music video crossing this famous place with plastic umbrellas everywhere, I told myself that I will experience it in the future. To some it seems like an over hyped pavement, an ordinary busy crossing. But I am not of those who fail to see beauty in the mundane. I hope the photo represented the mood we had that day.

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