OUTFIT / East meets Denim

Denim Kimono / Mercibeaucoup Tokyo
slouchy denim /  Y's
denim tee / H&M
leather harness / Tokyo
boxy bag / Jean Paul Gaultier
clown shoes / Jacquemus

Denim may seem heavy a fabric however when you stare at it, there is a sense of utility, lightness and homeism. It's not too intimidating like a leather jacket but it does make a look extra interesting.  I t's from Mercibeaucoup in Shibuya. I've always loved their designs and back then , I could only get them randomly from thrift stores. Seeing the shop was amazing. It's like a Comme + Muji + Issey Miyake with a price of Zara. The lovely Japanese lady told me to try it as she noticed my love for oversized. The frays, the raw edge and the boxiness reminded me of Marques-Almeida and I knew that I had to pair this with my white shoes and bag. 

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