TRAVEL / New Zealand

Just recently visited the lovely Queenstown  last month. It was a whole different experience. This round we have dedicated in immersing ourselves with the stunning views of the country's landscapes. It was a short stay filled with sightseeing and indeed it was a delightful trip. Most of the times we were in a tour bus while our eyes are glued in the the panoramic view of countryside. The grass are endless, the snowcapped mountains are majestic and the weather is utterly the perfect winter I have ever experienced.  Of course , I am always game with layering. I wore these knee high boots most of the time. I even packed my Kathmandu hiking shoes but never got the chance to use them let alone take them out in the bag. It's hideous lol. Anyhow, it was good to have a break from the urban holidays that we are always doing. This trip got us inspired to visit Vancouver next and see the wilderness but that's for a different time.

 More photos for the next coming posts!

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