TRAVEL / Little Town, Little People

Such a lovely little neighborhood in Shinjuku. I have seen this neighborhood somewhere. Somewhere subconscious or in an imagination since I have always conjured the thought of being in Japan. I honestly felt that I was in a dreamy trance whenever I step into a town and hang around. This is one of my favorite part of the travel. Hard as it is, this was also the last bit of our stay. I remember counting the hours and making the most out of it. I notice that I take more photos and videos when I feel the conclusion of the trip is near. It was a perfect sunny day to really wander around and relax. No crowds, tourists, busy streets, busy crossings, street perfomers. It was just a pure , unadulterated normalcy. We felt like locals. 

We were there at around 8am. Obviously , the streets were quieter. Our plan was to shop with our leftover cash and looking around was a great chance to gauge the shops that will be opened in 2 hours. 

We already saw 4 shops that we like and while waiting we chance upon this quaint coffee shop that has a shabby-chic feel. (on my next post) 

I acually half expected Doraemon would pop up somewhere randomly . 

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