TRAVEL / Humans of Tokyo

They're like no other. They seem shy like they were taught to become polite even before they could learn how to walk. Their behaviour is a juxtaposition of the way they dress. A teenage girl whose voice you could barely hear but when you look at her shoes, they're covered with spikes and ribbons. The softness of their aura is contrasted with the loudness of their hairstyle. Those regular moms who, in closer inspection, dons the latest J.W. Anderson bag like it's a grocery recycle bag. Individuality is truly regarded in all aspects. I also love how they have all those umbrellas. In the chaos of it all, there is a sense of uniformity. Their stoic masked faces inside the train. They look menacing and detached but when you look at them carefully, they seem nice like someone you've seen in a cartoon show. Eyes glued on their smartphones. When I think of them I smell cotton candy and that Diptyque citrus cologne I smelled one time. How they always look clean and pristine. I almost slapped my face one time when I forgot to remove my shoes on a dressing room with the Tatami floor mat. I think I might have said "sorry"  for five time to the nice retail guy. I couldn't hide my happiness when I encounter strangers saying I dress nice.  I remember it happened thrice. Twice in the shopping mall and one in Shibuya. I am so happy I was able to capture these photos while battling the rain. Not my best but I tried. How lovely it would be to live here even for at least a year. Maybe I'll grow tired of it all or maybe I wouldn't. 

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