OUTFIT / Waterproof

After getting ourselves drenched in Tokyo from the relentless rain, I vowed never to travel unprepared. I bought this lovely raincoat from Vetements and it was perfect. We've encountered some snowfall and rains in New Zealand and I couldn't be happier.  It is oversized that even if I wear my bulkiest jacket or backpack, I don't look like a half human half turtle. I'm also planning to bring it in Canada this August just in case.

I never thought of raincoat as a clothing piece. Usually I have umbrellas or hats but thanks to Demna Gvasalia for re-introducing this wonder. There is no way that I will be bringing a Parka because one - it's heavy and two- it does have a very odd smell to it. Like moist and plastic combined. But the raincoat is light like 3 pages from a magazine. kind of light. 

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