OUTFIT / Fashion Apron

I bought this apron in a tiny square of a room in a district of Asakusa. It was wedged between the shop that sells Tabi shoes and kimono for rent. I remember stopping jaw-dropped when I saw the series of apron hanging in the walls. Their crisp cotton-y structured form inviting me to come in. I remember the small quiet  Japanese lady who assisted me who I thought was rude but turned out to be shy. I excitedly told her if I could try the apron. Adding the phrase kudasai in every sentence coupled with domo arigato and some bowing that made me feel like a bobbing animal figurine. 

There was a Chinese lady who was watching me as I try the apron asking in curiosity if apron is a fashion thing now. She was nice but she was watching me the whole time with that smile. It felt like I had to defend myself on why an apron got me all giddy. I love aprons! I remember wanting one when I saw an apron dress from  Helmut Lang, Margiela and Rick Owens. I've wanted a leather one ala Vetements but the cotton will do for now. The apron is very Margaret Howell fall 2016 or 2017. I love how it hugs my body but wafts in the air as I walk against the wind. I got a pinstripe version too.

It could seem a bit costume-y though like I'm someone copying a manga character but I don't. It's something more of an appreciation to the minimal piece of clothing. boxy, no buttons, zippers, just a sheet of fabric with straps. And now I have one plus I love how the labels are in Japanese like how they do in a Comme des Garcons piece.

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