LIFE/ Just turned 30

So my partner and our lovely friends surprised me last night. I don't really feel like celebrating my birthday. I never did. Back when I was small, I remember asking my parents if they could move my birthday to November or December (so I could have 2 gifts in one month ). My birthday being the start of  the school year always made the family focus more on our allowance and school fees rather than having a birthday party. I do celebrate it but maybe a week after but because my birthday falls on June , my mom always remind me that being in a nice school with new books , shoes and uniforms are enough to be gifts alone. It is true though and I don't hold grudges to my parents. Until such time that I find celebrating birthdays a bit corny. See, I am already being a bit different back then. I really am shy when it comes to being in the spotlight.  I have only started celebrating my birthday on the day itself when I met Larrend. Last night was fun! True to form, it is a reminder that birthdays can also be more fun when shared. Plus the fact that it's my 30th birthday. It was pretty intimate and the night was chilly too. I do love having my birthday here in Australia too because it falls on a winter. 

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