OUTFIT / 6-inch plus

faux leather biker  /  ASOS
turtle neck / & other stories
wedge ankle boots / Owens 

Nothing groundbreaking. Just my usual uniform with my fave wedges. I can't contain my joy seeing the menswear collections. I see a lot of gender blurring pieces and concepts again. I shall be posting my picks soon.


OUTFIT / Waterproof

After getting ourselves drenched in Tokyo from the relentless rain, I vowed never to travel unprepared. I bought this lovely raincoat from Vetements and it was perfect. We've encountered some snowfall and rains in New Zealand and I couldn't be happier.  It is oversized that even if I wear my bulkiest jacket or backpack, I don't look like a half human half turtle. I'm also planning to bring it in Canada this August just in case.

I never thought of raincoat as a clothing piece. Usually I have umbrellas or hats but thanks to Demna Gvasalia for re-introducing this wonder. There is no way that I will be bringing a Parka because one - it's heavy and two- it does have a very odd smell to it. Like moist and plastic combined. But the raincoat is light like 3 pages from a magazine. kind of light. 


TRAVEL / New Zealand

Just recently visited the lovely Queenstown  last month. It was a whole different experience. This round we have dedicated in immersing ourselves with the stunning views of the country's landscapes. It was a short stay filled with sightseeing and indeed it was a delightful trip. Most of the times we were in a tour bus while our eyes are glued in the the panoramic view of countryside. The grass are endless, the snowcapped mountains are majestic and the weather is utterly the perfect winter I have ever experienced.  Of course , I am always game with layering. I wore these knee high boots most of the time. I even packed my Kathmandu hiking shoes but never got the chance to use them let alone take them out in the bag. It's hideous lol. Anyhow, it was good to have a break from the urban holidays that we are always doing. This trip got us inspired to visit Vancouver next and see the wilderness but that's for a different time.

 More photos for the next coming posts!


OUTFIT / Drawn

Industrial belt / OFF-WHITE
jacket / Frontrow Shop
Billie boots / Wittner 

I love scribbling .. I admire scribbles. Boredom doesn't exist when I have a pen and paper. So when I saw these boots from Wittner shoes, there is no contemplating. How cool is this? Very artsy in a Keith Haring way. It is vandalized without being too kitschy because they are calculated and just.. whimsical. Plus, I haven't seen anything in the runway. I do realize that Wittner shoes can sometimes be inspired by Runway trends but this face scribble thing is one of its kind.  

*Do you see my face resembling the sketch too?  


TRAVEL / Little Town, Little People

Such a lovely little neighborhood in Shinjuku. I have seen this neighborhood somewhere. Somewhere subconscious or in an imagination since I have always conjured the thought of being in Japan. I honestly felt that I was in a dreamy trance whenever I step into a town and hang around. This is one of my favorite part of the travel. Hard as it is, this was also the last bit of our stay. I remember counting the hours and making the most out of it. I notice that I take more photos and videos when I feel the conclusion of the trip is near. It was a perfect sunny day to really wander around and relax. No crowds, tourists, busy streets, busy crossings, street perfomers. It was just a pure , unadulterated normalcy. We felt like locals. 

We were there at around 8am. Obviously , the streets were quieter. Our plan was to shop with our leftover cash and looking around was a great chance to gauge the shops that will be opened in 2 hours. 

We already saw 4 shops that we like and while waiting we chance upon this quaint coffee shop that has a shabby-chic feel. (on my next post) 

I acually half expected Doraemon would pop up somewhere randomly .