TRAVEL / Miraikan Museum

One of the farthest trip we've made in this holiday is the quick visit to the Miraikan Museum.  I suppose a Tokyo trip wouldn't be complete without experiencing the fascinating robotics and its innovation. It was a geek/science- fan's dreamland. I did enjoy the mini show of ASIMO the robot. We were very excited to have a tete-a-tete with the lady android but it only 'opens' at 2pm and we had a short time to spare. We have also watched the program about in the auditorium but in Japanese. Sad to say, I was asleep for the most part. Simasen! It was a lovely day with some bunch of kids on a field trip. They are so patient and well-behaved. No rowdy boys or screaming kids. They are just insanely behaved. I am so impressed! I mean if there's anywhere in the world that I would teach kids, it would be only  in Japan of course! 

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