TRAVEL / Shinjuku afterdark

These photos were taken after our day trip to see Mount Fuji. Like stepping into a Narnia closet , we were transported back into the city. All of a sudden, the bright neon lights and the sound of cars and voices blurred into one. It was hard to zone out especially if you're a tourist since you would want to take everything in. In that moment, I just looked and listened at my surroundings. This is Tokyo's very heartbeat indeed. 

One thing I've noticed is the abundance of signages on every building. They really take advertising seriously. Although rampant, there is a sense of order in all of the Japanese characters displayed. Maybe it's because I am unable to decode these characters hence for me they appear as illustrations floating in the concrete. City Fireflies, I should say they seemed like.  

I really miss Tokyo as I write this post. 

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  1. huhu ang ganda. wish i can teleport to where u are now tapos mag spazz lang tayo about japan til we can't talk anymore. im reading all your posts now for a little kick of joy before i start working (again) haha love u po