TRAVEL / Rainy Tokyo

On the second day, we were already excited to see the Tokyo Tower! I remember seeing Naoko Takeuchi's illustration of the Tokyo tower in the Sailormoon manga and now , I can see it #liveaction! Apparently, it was raining since morning. I always go to the window upon waking up and I thought the gray mist was just the fog enveloping the city but upon close check up, it was the drizzling rain. So we didn't have any umbrella because who brings umbrella on a travel. We bought the clear umbrella from a guy in the street for 500 yen.

I thought the rain wouldn't persist but it stayed for a good 7 hours! Here in Queensland, the rain can just hang around for about 15-20 minutes tops! So I can say that we didn't come prepared. I wasn't even able to get my shoes a good waterproofing. Good thing the streets were clean and we didn't encounter some slimy muddy puddles. It was beautiful though, the rain. I felt like I was in a Japanese drama or in an anime world. Whenever I see a Japanese person , I felt like I've seen an anime version of him/her before. There'll always be an anime version of them. They're just so freakishly beautiful!!! 
The men are surprisingly tall and lean. The women are graceful and calm and they don't do foolish things. They all smell nice by the way. When we were in the subway in New York, i felt unsafe. But in Tokyo, I felt like I belong. There were no feelings of threat or danger at all.

We first went to Meiji shrine and it was a pleasantly calm vicinity. Even the tourists maintained the quietness and stillness of the place. Seeing the tall shrines and torii gates are just breathtaking. The walk to the main shrine is a good 10-15 minutes but the trees and the wooden posts made it worthwhile.  It felt like we were secluded from the hustle bustle of the city.

Oh and My Rick Owens boots were slightly trashed I tell you. I didn't realize the wet pebbled ground will wreak havoc to its sole. Lesson learned: wear a regular walking shoes next time!

Anyhow, the Tokyo tower was amazing. As we approached the giant tower, I had a glimpse of its very skin up close. It actually looked like a monstrous crab standing erect with the cute tiny boxes of buildings around it. When we went to the observatory the city is just tainted with gray mist. Nevertheless, the charm is still there although it would be lovely to see the wholeness of Tokyo in a clearer perspective. Then after Tokyo tower, we went around the area looking for a Ramen restaurant. And we did! The coldness and wetness will just drive you insane and you will just crave for anything hot - coffee, tea, blanket, warm towel. I was gobsmacked when I saw schoolgirls eating ice cream in the streets. Damn!

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