TRAVEL / MT. Fuji-san

headwrap / Uniqlo
denim shirt/ Antonio Marras
denim coat / ASOS
belt / Off-White
denim  pants / H&M
sneakers / Wittner
bag /  Uncommon Goods

As much as we love the city , we also did enjoy the day tour to see Mount Fuji. It was a lovely chance to step away from the city and experience the quaint side of Japan. We are only visiting for 9 days so a trip to Hakone is the best we could do. Sorry, Osaka and Kyoto ( next time!) We are still fortunate to see the majestic Mount Fuji while we were on the bus. I didn't try taking out my phone because it was futile. I just stared at it and digested its wonderfulness and it was covered with clouds thereafter. We have never seen the beautiful mountain again. Nanako, our tour guide was lovely. She was so patient and funny and she did a great job telling stories to us, keeping us entertained for the 7-hour trip. Even if we didn't see what we came for, I enjoyed the snowy area. Reminded me of the scene in "Norweigan Wood" where the main characters were in the snowy forest. Now I know the feeling! 

We had a lovely lunch where they served Miso soup, noodle, shrimp and vegetables. It was so light that I feel happy not being bloated. Then we went to Lake Ashi for a cruise where the coldness became terribly unbearable. Good thing I have my denim jacket. It somehow reminded me of Virgil Abloh's Off-White coat. It was my first time testing denim in winter and surely, it provided enough warmth.  

After Lake Hakone, we took the cable car up to the Hakone mountain. The coldness and wind tripled and I just lost it. It was fun though because the view up the top is so fascinating. You clearly see the forms of the mountain and the shapes of the lake down below. It would be an artist's dream to stay there and paint the whole scenery. 

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