TRAVEL / Inside Ginza

 headwrap - UNIQLOOversized coat - Mugler / faux leather turtleneck - ASOS / leather obi sash - ASOS / longline button shirt - MONKI / tailored pants - TOGA / boots - Rick Owens / faux leather tote- Pixie+Mood

The thing with "doing" outfits in winter is how frustrating it is to reveal the minute details of accessories. I did brought a bunch of chokers, harness, obi sash in leather, industrial bangles but the coldness made me want to cover everything. One open button can make you shiver frantically. So here I am trying my best to layer and not look like a bag of laundry. But I did love the idea of silhouette. It makes me excited to wear all my clothes in one go! haha 

After having a quiet morning walk outside the Imperial Palace, we took the train and find ourselves in the heart of Ginza. It was a good sunny day and i started feeling warm. I guess it's to do with the heater from the giant department stores that lined the streets. The first thing I saw is the Margaret Howell boutique on a very skinny building. Then I started seeing high end boutiques lining the district. I think the places are easier to navigate because like in Manhattan, the streets are numbered. It would be awesome to visit each boutique but it would drive us nuts and time is of the essence. There is one store that I was planning to visit since day 01- Dover Street Market. It was a tall narrow building hidden behind Uniqlo. The kind lady at Balenciaga even gave us a map and taught us the way ( in Japanese). I really admire their genuine passion to help people. Just goes to show that inspite the language difference, communication isn't barred and limited. I forgot which shopping mall I went but it was loaded with designer goods. I remembered gasping "Oh My God" every time when I see and touched a shoe or a jacket. I spent most of the time in Margiela touching and smelling the Tabi boots. One thing- Japanese retail assistants are genuinely nice and polite. No judging eyes , for me at least. Another thing too, the locals are fairly nice to tourists. They wouldn't care if you stop and pose for a photo in the middle of the crowd. They wouldn't laugh at you or stare at you. They would just avoid you and leave you in peace. But in New York, we heard a lot of atrocities  and cursing from locals hating us, tourists. I think Japan is my home.

I began seeing a bunch of fashion packs, groupies in the streets. If I wasn't too mesmerised, I would've snapped a photo of them. It was just so interesting the way the atmosphere of fashion and style reverberates in a mundane way. Everything I see is so beautiful and pleasing. I, for one, admired the colourful Japanese signs on the building and I never liked colorful things. The stores can vary from small boxy shops to an exclusive building. I lost it when I saw a huge Dior boutique slash building. I wonder how much rent they pay every month. We were looking for a Ragtag store just to discover how tiny it is. Times like these, google is your friend.i I have wanted to stay longer because the night scene is way better. There's this intriguing glow and energy that I see every time I open my eyes. I didn't want to blink!