TRAVEL / Hello, Tokyo!

It's been  a week already after our marvelous Japan trip. This time it was just me and Larrend. We have carefully planned the itinerary but then again, things undoubtedly will change as you go along. But concrete planning and tons of Google mapping have been helpful as well. AHHHHH I don't even know where to start. I am just gonna say that I will be uploading tons of JAPAN BLOG POST for the next few days or weeks. I just want to post the beautiful photos here since I don't have any proper outlet save for Instagram. I remember having a "JAPAN" phase in my blog like 6 years ago. I have always been captivated let alone obsessed with anything Japan. Since I was 10, the thought of Japan is like Nirvana for me. And today, I am sharing with you my happiness and my photos in the beautiful country. 

The people are amazingly polite. In Australia, people are warm and friendly but not overly polite like the Japanese. It's would so be hard to get cranky at them. I am not exaggerating but every second of being there was a happy blissful moment. I did get sad from the rain soaking my shoes wet though but other than that , I was so so so genuinely happy. I've never been this grateful and 100%delighted in a trip. 

So we walked around Aoyama as early as 7 am. The stores and restaurant are closed. We went to Comme des Garcons first because it's like the national avant garde fashion store that one must pay visit. For me , it was like visiting a monumental shrine. Then we went to Balenciaga because I love Demna Gvasalia and after that I got tired visiting hi end stores because I felt like I should explore more of Tokyo and not just stores. So we walked around the neighborhood and just felt the moment. We got lost in those cute narrow streets that lead us to beautiful box houses and interesting steps. It would be impossible to get lost though because everywhere you go is a destination. Okay I need to stop talking since I have an event to go. But I will be uploading more photos soon!

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