TRAVEL / Harajuku Kids

I hide when I know the lighting is off but still wants a photo taken

hey, kids.. umm.. 

I have never seen so much Japanese teenagers in my life (Oh apart from Disneyland Tokyo). They're just oozing with kawai-ness! The way they dress up in groups and giggle and check their phones while walking. In that same time, I felt old. Used. I felt like my time has come to an end already and the cells in my body are just slowly withering. I was an outsider .. (just kidding)These kids have the best poreless, acne-less skin like is that to do with the green tea and inhaling cherry blossoms?( not kidding)

We happen to discover it accidentally because we've noticed how the crowd traffic is leading to this place. I wasn't even in the mood yet for shopping when we went to Takeshita Dori. All I wanna do was sit in a cafe and drink a matcha tea and talk to Larrend ( see? I'm so old I'm like 76) But seeing the happy faces of the young ones ( and some tourists) made me so excited in a way. The clothes are targeted for the young kids I guess which of course didn't appeal to me as much. Maybe if I was 21 or younger , I would've gone nuts. I saw very trendy jackets like you know the Vetements bomber jacket with the extra long freakish sleeve? Yep! They have it! Plus, it was freaking made in Japan. (not in China.. i love China ok?)

We never saw any Lolitas, Gyaru's or Visual Kei's unfortunately as we've heard the culture is not that rampant anymore. How sad! I wish the FRUITS-era will comeback with vengeance.

I love the city life. I think I qualify being a city type of person. I think I will lose tons of weight if I did live in the city. However, the crowd , as much as I love them wholeheartedly, can be unforgiving. I feel scared like Simba in that stampede scene whenever I collide a large group of brisk-walking-robotic-people in the narrow streets. One time, a guy's umbrella was caught in my shoulder and tote bag. Like how?  Nevertheless,  the crowd is much better from what I've experienced from other countries so Yay!  

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